Digital Corporate Account For Cashless Transactions

Conduct transactions, and oversee your business’s revenues, expenses, and activities directly from one place - your Suyool Corporate Dashboard. Ideal for businesses of all sizes, from small to large.

Corporate Platinum Debit Card
Payroll Solution
Pay Local Suppliers
Request Money in Bulk From Clients
Exchange USD/LBP
Cash Out
Manage all your financials from one dashboard
Break free from traditional banking. Dive into the new wave

Real-time account overview.

Free & instant transfers to any other Suyool account (Suppliers).

24/7 instant exchange (USD/LBP) at live parallel market rate.

Cash out anytime with insured delivery.

Payroll in a glance
Payroll solution that allows you to disburse salaries directly into the Mobile Wallet Accounts of your employees

Avoid cash management problems.

Payroll is disbursed to accounts same day upon receipt of request.

Simplified enrollment process for employees.

Salary will be directly available in employees’ wallet accounts & is instantly accessible through Suyool app & card.

Your Money, Your Safety
Cybersecurity at International Standards
Our IT security is regularly audited by Grant Thornton LLP.
Regulated by BDL
Suyool is a financial institution licensed by Banque Du Liban.
24/7 Support
A dedicated team is available 24/7 to answer your questions.
Suyool Corporate Platinum Debit Card
The best way to enhance departments’ autonomy

Request as many cards as needed for your team.

Set spending limits for each corporate card.

Real-time tracking of corporate cards activities.

Improve your budgeting & cash flow management.

Keep Track of
Your Money In Real Time
Experience seamless financial control

Keep track of cash flow, expenses, revenue.

Get complete visibility of your business operation.

Automatic real-time transaction recording for accurate bookkeeping.

Configure & set accesses for every role.

Avoid double entries & human errors.

Our benefits?
Best User Experience
Best User Experience
Optimal user experience for your business transactions.
Cashless transactions
Cashless transactions
Instant and available in real-time.
Instant availabilities
Instant availabilities
Once they are in your account,
The money is yours to use.

3 Steps to Get Started

And have more control over your business finances.

Talk with the sales team
Apply to Suyool in Minutes
Apply to Suyool in Minutes

Without having to go to a branch office, all the financial services you need are now at hand!

Application will be reviewed
Application will be reviewed

Our compliance officer will review your application within 4-5 Business days.

Your business account is open
Your business account is open

Start setting dashboard roles & get control over your business finances.

Suyool POS: The Optimal Choice for a Seamless Customer Experience
Enhance your customers’ shopping journey! With Suyool POS, whether they’re shopping in-store, online, on desktop or mobile, they’ll enjoy a seamless omnichannel payment experience complete with dual currency options.
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Merchant Dashboard
for a 360° sales overview
Access data from all sales channels in one place

Track sales in real-time.

Auto-exchange at live parallel market rate.

Instant availability of funds in both currencies.

Real-time reporting for sales per branch & till.

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