Always at the forefront of technology, USJ is bringing your pay to the ultimate digital account: the first secure and independent Lebanese online platform!
Facing today’s financial challenges, we moved our payroll to Suyool. You will get your own digital dual-currency account, a complete payment tool
with the best rates and a Visa Platinum card linked to the account.
6 Ways To Use Your Money
Visa Platinum Card
Cash Withdrawal
Send Money Locally
Request Money
Pay Bills
Pay with Suyool QR
3 Easy Steps To Get Started
Manage, spend & access your money in real time
Open an account in minutes from the comfort of your home
All you need is your smartphone, a Lebanese number & a legal identification document (ID or Passport).
Receive Your Payroll Instantly
No need to wait in line, your payroll is instantly disbursed into your account & available ON PAY DAY!
Choose How To Spend Your Money
Pay to a Lebanese mobile number, withdraw cash, transfer abroad, pay at merchants, settle your bills, and use your Visa Platinum card locally or internationally. It’s your money…your choice!
Suyool Visa Platinum card® With Exclusive Privileges
A debit card that you can control from your Suyool app, in addition to all of the Mastercard Platinum Benefits

Free for USJ employees

Internationally & locally accepted

Accepted In-store & Online.

6 Ways To Use Your Money
All your financial needs in one App
Send money to anyone in Lebanon
Send & Receive money to any Lebanese mobile number.

Anytime, anywhere in Lebanon.

In both currencies, LBP or USD.

Funds will instantly be available in their Suyool wallet.

For others they can create a Suyool account or withdraw the money in cash.

Request money from anyone with a Lebanese number
All you need is their phone number to request money.

If they are a Suyool user they will be notified instantly via notification.

If they don't have an account, they will have 3 options to pay you: Open a Suyool account, deposit the amount at BOB Finance using a code generated, or settle the amount via card payment

Pay Bills
Pay bills directly from your app and get a real time confirmation.

Prepaid recharge cards.

Post paid bills.

Play LOTO.

Withdraw Cash
From any 700+ BOB Finance cashpoints.

Withdraw the desired amount anytime. Free of charge up to the total amount of your salary.

More than 700+ BOB Finance branches all over Lebanon, to withdraw banknotes.

Withdraw cash in person or send someone to withdraw on your behalf.

Use your Card in Lebanon or abroad
All while staying in control through Suyool app.

Pay in store or online and get instant notification for every transaction made on your card.

Withdraw cash from any Visa compatible ATM all over the world.

Don’t forget to make use of the exclusive benefits provided, including access to lounges and much more.

Pay with Suyool QR
At Suyool merchants offline & online.

Safest payment method.

Fastest checkout for a seamless experience.

Auto-currency conversion at parallel market rate.

Get Part of Your Salary in Advance
With Suyool, you can now take advantage of salary advances on these conditions:

Request an advance of up to 50% of your monthly salary.

Maximum limit of 1000 US dollars.

Advance automatically deducted by Suyool from your net salary or next month’s pay.

Fee of 10 US dollars charged by Suyool.

Secure Your Personal Loan Today
Now Suyool offers personal loans with the following terms:

Maximum limit of 7000 US dollars.

Repayable through monthly deductions from your salary.

Maximum repayment period of 2 years.

Flat interest rate of 14% applied to the loan amount.

Processing fee of 50 US dollars charged by Suyool.

Why Suyool?
Your money is safe with Suyool, it is exclusively accessible through your mobile phone via biometric or personalized PIN login. Every transaction will require your authorization.
Your security is our priority. With two-factor authentication, data encryption, data in transit protection. We’ve got your back, ensuring your financial safety.
At Suyool, convenience is our hallmark. Benefit from a variety of time-saving features, including an overview of your account with real-time notifications of your spending and requests.
Exchange at Parallel Market Rate
24/7 Exchange service from the app
Exchange at the live parallel market rate - Everytime

Exchange at the parallel market rate any time of any day.

No wait at the exchange houses.

For as many times as you want up to your wallet limit.

Auto conversion feature with QR payments offers free automatic currency conversion, ensuring you exchange only what’s necessary for your purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Suyool is the first digital account with a Visa Platinum card in Lebanon.

Anyone 18 years old and above can open a Suyool account with just their Lebanese mobile number & Lebanese identification. (Regulations apply)

You will benefit from a free Visa Platinum debit card & free cash withdrawal of your monthly salary as long as you are an USJ employee.

Your Suyool Visa Platinum debit card will be free-of-charge as long as you are an USJ employee.

You can use your Suyool Visa Platinum debit card at any POS, online, in Lebanon & abroad.

In Lebanon, at over 700 BOB Finance offices.
Abroad, from any ATM compatible with Visa.
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More Questions?
Suyool team is available 24/7 ready to assist you via the in-app chat, whatsapp,
phone calls and e-mails.
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